The Support Sapiens Managed Security and Cloud Services Team is where our robust security and recovery solutions come alive—bringing together our dedicated security experts, state-of-the-art technology, tools, fast, efficient attack-detection processes. Since it gathers and applies threat intelligence on an ongoing basis, the team helps improve - our security services, helping us fight potential attacks by identifying, understanding, and responding to threats as early as possible.

Our aim is also to protect your files and enable you to access them from anywhere at any time. We sell all-in-one online storage solutions to consumers and businesses directly via our website.

Our experience and security model enables us to spot attacks and attack patterns as they begin to take shape. In worst case scenario’s, a dedicated team of security specialists remedy an attack to your satisfaction. This heightened intelligence allows us to offer valuable insights into evolving risks and attack patterns affecting PC’s and networks today.

Our Managed Services—Monitoring and Analytics solutions include:

Real Time Monitoring

Monitor and manage the security devices that control your network traffic with log monitoring and analysis, incident investigation, and handling by the MSS Team.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Proactively monitor and hunt for signs of targeted and complex attacks with in-depth, packet-level analysis using automated and human analytics.

Advanced Threat Detection

Get expert help analyzing your PC or SMB and identify existing security threats followed by effective threat removal and further prevention.


Our security solutions are powered by Trend Micro™, which is one of the major Security Solution Providers in the world and LiveDrive™ which is one of the fastest growing cloud solution company.

Log Reviews

A dedicated team of security specialists audits the logs generated by the traffic flow of your PC to identify threat patterns and prevent attacks.

In a world of ever growing cybercrime, it is necessary to keep yourself protected from threats which may cause extensive damage, or put you through personal trauma in the form of identity theft, financial loss etc.

Support Sapiens as a MSS ensures and assures to keep you or your business away from such incidents.