Data Security:

Data loss can occur due to many reasons. These reasons can be accidental or a result of Trojan, virus attacks, damage to hard drives and other technical reasons. These eventually result in data deletion from your system. When it comes to Data security SupportSapiens keeps your business and personal data safe through our robust cloud storage services. We provide such data security services to SOHO and home users powered by Trend Micro and Live drive. 
•    Encryption Platform:
Encryption Platform is mainly for the Protection of laptops, desktops, email, data and endpoints in the cloud. Implementing multiple encryption solutions enables to create a more wide-spread security solution and better handle compliance regulations.
•    Email encryption:
Email or Gateway Email encryption provides centrally managed email encryption to protect communications via mail with clients and partners. With this organizations can lower the risk of data breach.
•    File Share Encryption:
Enables secure sharing of protected documents, spreadsheets, graphic files and more.